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My Goodreads Reviews Part 44

What an exciting month that was with a variety of genres in My Goodreads Reviews Part 44! Urban fiction, non-fiction about email marketing, paranormal fantasy, YA science fiction, steamy LGBTQ coming-of-age. I hope there are books among those you will love too!

Limousine Stories, Self-Publishing and Email Marketing: How to Create and Optimize a Reader Newsletter to Find New Fans, Gather More Reviews, and Sell More Books, Carnival Tricks (Double Helix Case Files #4), Mind Secrets (Perceivers #1), The Lodger, That Sumer

I am so excited, exhilarated, and happy after reading this book that I am beyond words. I never expected Limousine Stories to be such a fantastic read! Interesting yes, but it is so much more than that. A huge recommendation to everyone interested in learning about the life of limousine owners and drivers. And even if you are not interested in it, read it anyway. You will be surprised just as I am and love it!

I have received an advance review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

Bryan Cohen (or Mr. Cohen) is without a doubt a good and motivational teacher because this is an incredibly inspirational book. I am not sure I can write a more detailed review because as still a struggling author I am very emotional after reading it. Learning about Nina’s experience was like reading a fairy-tale with a HEA ending but also with lots of effort, hard work and conquered doubts before she saw the shapes of happiness at the end of her email marketing road. Or the beginning, better to say.

Being a multi-genre author with cross-genre stories, I am glad that authors who write in one genre have found a key for their success in Self-Publishing and Email Marketing. I only wish that someone, one day, writes a similar book that will show the path to success to us other authors who are wanderers and cannot sit tight in one genre but need to flirt with various stories and genres. I want to believe and hope that there are readers out there who also like to explore beautiful books in many genres, readers who will find the way to our stories and to whom we will find our way too, like Nina did to her army of followers thanks to Mr. Cohen’s book.

In the end, I thank Bryan Cohen for the advanced reader copy of this book, which I was more than happy to support in his project on Kickstarter and for all his valuable lessons and tips so far.

Like an unexpected guest barging in the party where everyone has a time of their life cracking jokes, I have landed into the middle of the Double Helix Case Files series thanks to Jade Kerrion’s free review copy (for which I am thankful!). I didn’t regret it. Although I didn’t know what happened in books 1-3, I enjoyed Carnival Tricks and its unusual characters in an even more unusual world transformed by the Genetic Revolution. The ending was not my cup of tea, if I want to be honest, but romance fans will love it. So, go for it, ladies and gentlemen!

Oh boy, I do love this book! Thrilling, gripping, highly entertaining read. And Michael, he reminds me of my Michael from my YA cross-genre novel Cruel Summer. How could I not love it then?! I perceive you as buying this book!

A brave, steamy, and erotic coming-of-age and coming-out debut about self-discovering and one-time sexual encounters. Emotions are raw and the ending is perfect. It is a portrait of life as it is without happy-ever-after and fancying things up with false promises. Its constant flow of changes may seem cruel as it brings us both tears and happiness, pushing us into new adventures and challenges with or without those we love and care about. But that’s life, isn’t it?

Happy reading!


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