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My Goodreads Reviews Part 38

I’ve been slower with reading and reviewing new books because of my YA poetry book Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels eBook and paperback launch. But new books I will present and recommend here as My Goodreads Reviews Part 38 are pretty interesting, some of them amazing even. I am sure you will find something for yourself and meet your new darlings.

Locked Tight (Mindjack #4), Stormwielder (The Sword of Light Trilogy #1), UR, Boy Underground, Reap3r

Did I enjoy this exciting story of a young protagonist with special powers to break open and lock other people’s minds? Yes. Would I like him or anybody else to mess up with my mind? No. Before you answer that question for yourself, give this book a chance and read Locked Tight. It’s good to know what future may or may not bring us.

An interesting epic fantasy and magic novel with more intense, dramatic, and satisfying first half of the book.

I have received a review copy from the author at no cost and with no obligations toward the author.

When a story takes you to another world and dimension. The power of a good Kindle read. (Amazon didn’t pay me for this review, this is still an honest review of the short story I enjoyed.)

Beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful story of friendship, courage, growing up, losses, seized opportunities. Heartwarming tear-jerker that paints life as it is. There lies its beauty.

Reap3r is a ticking time bomb that keeps you on the edge of your seat while you are speeding and moving faster and faster toward its end. Tick-tock, tick-tock, and then the blast. Your mind exhilarates in a thrilling, conspiratorial, action-packed ecstatic experience of complete, genuine satisfaction.

There is not much else to say other than I love this book. Hear me out, I LOVE this book. And an afterthought before I surrender myself to the series of smaller blasts of addictive reminiscing: read this book. I repeat, READ this book.

I have received an advance review copy of this book at no cost and with no obligation toward the author.

Happy reading!


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