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My Goodreads Reviews Part 29

Are the writers getting better or am I picking all the right books? I wouldn’t know that. I just know that I enjoyed the books in My Goodreads Reviews Part 29. Hope you love them too!

The Field, Like and Subscribe, The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal, GoldenEars: The Whispering Mountain, Merfolk (World’s Scariest Legends Book 4)

We find treasures at the most unexpected places. I found this literary gem while browsing Amazon for my January River novel keywords ads. What pulled me toward it? First, it was the image on the cover; I remember finding it intriguing. Then it was the blurb that triggered my curiosity and got me. “A family torn apart. A friendship stronger than blood. A dark journey that will change two young boys forever.” When it referred to the movie Stand by Me in the last paragraph, I knew I wouldn’t pass it. I had to have it. It was free when I found it, so I clicked to buy it. I would buy it even if it weren’t free. Because I couldn’t resist its call. It had my full attention.

Just as it had my full attention in the next few days when I sped through it. Hungry for its tragedy, genuine emotion, raw reality, its beauty. I didn’t want such an end, but I embraced it. Because I would write it the same way if it was my story. I wish it were my story, I wish I were ingenious enough to come up with it. But I am glad Jason Fuhrman wrote it. The big tragedy would be if it were left untold.

I have a request for all of you who read this review. Please, help me correct injustice and read and write an honest review for The Field. If you feel what is going on in my heart and mind now, you will understand. This book is unnoticed for four years with just a few reviews on Amazon and Goodreads while it should shine with hundreds of fat, bright, five stars dancing around it. I hope my star will help in lightning its way to the stardom it deserves. And I promise you, it’s going to be a fat, bright, pulsating star, stretching out into each of five corners of its universe. Thank you.

Strange are the ways of a man’s heart. Can seeking love at one place online lead to finding it in a completely another place in real life?

Adorable and sweet short story that will make you smile. Don’t be ashamed of a happy grin on your face.

To be honest, I didn’t expect I would enjoy this fantasy novel so much. But I did, and I thank Mr. Cayanan for that.

However, I cannot miss noticing that the book has some technical flaws that diminish its true value. With fixing the formatting where needed and giving the book the proper, professional cover, The Legend of the Seven Crystals: The One Crystal will be even more attractive to its readers.

Once again, congratulations on a great, entertaining story!

Wolves are one of my favorite animals, so it’s not surprising that this book sucked me into a whirlpool of emotions in which it kept me until the very end.

GoldenEars is one of the most emotional, passionate, and educational animal fiction books I have read in years, even decades. Wonderfully written, this debut novel has ranked Jane H Wood among the authors who have a voice, passion to inflame others, and dedication and commitment to her beliefs.

GoldenEars is a wild, raw, savage, cold, and brutal story. But it is also tender, caring, beautiful, dreamy, warm, moving, fervent, and heartwarming. The flow of my tears I couldn’t stop is the best proof of that. Those were not sad or happy tears. Well, maybe a little. Those were tears because your heart was full and your whole being trembled from the strength of the written word. Tears that connected you with the story, its protagonists, nature.

If I were a wolf, I would howl instead of cry. Maybe I will practice my howling one day alone in the wild, away from the noise of this world. What I can do now, though, is give a loud shout-out (or howl) to everyone involved in wolf protection, either through the wolf protection programs or by spreading the word or writing a novel, like Jane did.

It is crucial to understand that wolves belong to our world. They are here with their role in the natural order of things, with their right to exist and live. Conflicts between wolves and humans happen because we invaded their habitats and took their wilderness for ourselves to make it economically valuable, destroying it. We (humans) hunt wolves not because they are dangerous but because of profit. We are the ones who cornered them, banished them, pushed them to the verge of extermination. To protect these magnificent animals, please support your local wildlife organizations not run by hunters but those who carry animal protection and rights in their hearts.

Read and review this book and spread the word about it. Each new person who better understands wolves raises the chances of their survival. Is this enough of recommendation for you?

Mythical creatures turn into a real, aquatic nightmare. Thrilling!

Happy reading,


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