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My Goodreads Reviews Part 26

Mystery, crime, thriller, paranormal, romance. If you love these genres, you will enjoy the books in My Goodreads Reviews Part 26. Add them to your reading list and help their authors by leaving your honest reviews.

Grey Areas - The Saga (Books 1-4), The Seller of Sins II: Redemption, The Other Emily, White Lies, Grayson’s Mate (The Borough Boys #1)

What I don’t like about this saga? Only that I didn’t read it sooner. What I like about it? The spirit of the small town, the strength of its characters, its mystery, suspense, action, even the funny moments. This saga has a soul, it lives its own life. And it was nice to be a part of it for a while.

I thank the author for the complimentary copy of this collection. It’s been a pleasure reading it.

I liked The Seller of Sins, a great dark story of the marriage in crises and things we are ready to do for a touch of love. But I like its sequel, Redemption, even more, and not only from the reason I am fascinated with the cruise ships and their promise of unforgettable vacation and, as a fan of EDM, Ultra Europe was one of my desired destinations before the collapse of our world. The Seller of Sins II digs deeper and more daring into the complexity of human relationships, rewarding the brave ones for their bold decisions and punishing those who stumbled and fell before their weaknesses. It is a page-turning story that will grab your attention and pull you into its affairs, dragging you on the leash of expectations until you reach its logical end. Exciting, entertaining, and passionate.

In Koontz’s stories everything seems possible and real so that we often end up questioning our own reality, wondering what is hiding behind the invisible walls of our realm. What is our life and are we living it or just hibernating in a virtual world crafted by a skillful, sick puppeteer? The Other Emily is such a story. Lyrically and poetically perfect, it raises so many questions and calms our inner storms with the soothing lullaby of exceptional writing.

From one lie to another, Jeremy Bates takes us on the incredible, twisted ride of unexpected and shocking events. White Lies is a gripping page-turner which won’t let you go. Enjoy it while it lasts!

A solid read about a young man stranded / carried / abducted into the world of wolf shapeshifters after nearly fatal car accident. A little more suspense or passion (not erotically) would be okay to pull me stronger into the story.

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