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My Goodreads Reviews Part 14

After a while, here is my new set of five books compiled in My Goodreads Reviews Part 14. All my five reviews you can see on the Goodreads pages of these books. Hope you pick some or all of them for your reading pleasure and adventure.

Black Seeds: SF Novelette, Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2), The Fever Code, Autumn Leaves, Always Goodbye

In this beautiful SF novelette, Stjepan Varesevec Cobets touches the important topic of the collision of the worlds and their fight for survival. Not typically for SF stories, humans are portrayed as villains and the invading species that destroys other planets and worlds. But that shouldn’t surprise us since we are living witness of what our species is doing to our planet.

I hope that other sci-fi authors will follow Stjepan’s example and show who are true villains and the danger to every life in the universe. This shift in SF literature is much needed! I thank the author for that and for keeping the light of hope alive. If not in this, then in another, more humane life-form.

I received a copy of Black Seeds at no cost and without obligation from the author.

There is so much more in this erotic M M romance novel than steamy sex scenes between Luke and Dominic. Realistic, strong and likable characters, broken families and relationships which die and revive, complicated situations that become even more frustrating, light humor that helps you not to lose your head from emotional charge. The nightmarish efforts of trying to keep an emotional distance and the glitter and fireworks of falling hard for someone. And none of this would have happened if it weren’t for the hookup app.

Life is full of surprises, and so is this cyberlove story!

Dystopia at its best. Relished every page. Just wouldn’t relish it if it happened in actual life.

It’s like watching a beautiful love story on a film or being Dural’s best friend, following him through a perfect and happy family life until two unexpected events changed everything.

Family relationships and tragedies are painfully, realistically portrayed, every emotion in its right place. The whole novel is lyrically crafted with an intelligent eye for the detail, which bring every scene to its full life.

With Autumn Leaves Stefan Vučak gave us a touching and memorable family and love story, tender and rich with emotion, ripe as colors of the autumn.

I loved the idea of writing an autobiography as a graphic novel! I know what it takes to write a novel, let alone a personal story, but writing and drawing it is a territory I will never dare to step into. For that, my compliments to Ray Hecht!

I liked it when while traveling through his life I recognized things and moments from my life I forgot and were a pleasant reminder of what I loved and enjoyed many years ago. So, reading and watching Ray’s life story was also an experience of a time travel and encounter with my younger self and my past, which today doesn’t look to me as eventful as the life path of the author of Always Goodbye.

Happy reading!


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