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My Goodreads Reviews Part 12

After the last set of my Goodreads reviews in 2019, here comes the first set of five books I’ve reviewed in the last two months on Goodreads and published on my website in 2020. Give these books a chance, you will love them!

Photographing the Dead, ADHD: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, The Praying Mantis Bride, The Taste of Fear, Elevation

Photographing the Dead (Nameless #2) by Dean Koontz

An artist of death versus nameless nomad with unclear memories of dead beyond the veil of amnesia and the strong sentiment for children, dogs and protection of the innocent. A quick, likable and easy read about hunting the human hunter in the Mojave wasteland.


ADHD: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL is a warm, gentle and beautifully told true story of a boy adored by his mother and bullied by his friends and judged by others because of being different. It is a touching and emotional testimony of true friendship which endures everything, knows no boundaries, and keeps promises of a happier future. By telling us about her little friend Peter, the boy suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Nico has unlocked our hearts and poured her love into them so we can live with a better understanding of others and accepting their differences. No other way it should be.

The Praying Mantis Bride by Dean Koontz

In the third book of Dean Koontz’s Nameless series The Praying Mantis Bride, the vigilante nomad Nameless is after a black widow who murders her husbands. Although this story didn’t click with me as the first two: In the Heart of the Fire and Photographing the Dead, Koontz’s writing is up to the task and meets our expectations!

The Taste of Fear by Jeremy Bates

Maybe the beginning of The Taste of Fear wasn’t as capturing as in his other books I’ve read, but Jeremy Bates proved his worth soon. He continues to thrill, shock, and scare in this dark, bloody, and violent African story. The smell of death and mutilated bodies lingers on his pages. Jeremy Bates can’t miss.

Elevation by Stephen King

Once in a while, King takes us by our hand and leads us out of his dark worlds and horror stories of serial killers, murderers, villains, and other creatures and forces with monstrous intentions into a world where humanity and love share their home with ordinary heroes. Elevation is one such story. With each new page it reads faster and warms our heart to elevate higher and higher and higher. I felt love.

Happy reading!


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