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Mad World

From the Control Freakz Series to all his books in the Conspiracy Chronicles, I have never stopped admiring the talent and imagination of a young, teenage author, Michael Evans. That didn’t change after reading the first book, Mad World, in his brand new World Gone Mad Series.

Pumped with adrenaline, action and terrifying scenes of destruction of our world, Mad World grabs the readers and glues them to its last pages. The beginning scenes of the apocalypse are so realistic and gripping that we can experience the fear, panic, and disbelief creeping through our body as we root for the main character(s) we quickly become fond of. As the story develops further toward its darker moments with millions of people dead and their homes, towns and lives perished or robbed, its fatality clenches us even harder thanks to the greatness and ease of Michael Evans’s writing.

And all it took was one man’s addiction that led to the apocalyptic destruction of our future world.

Although Mad World, and the World Gone Mad Series, is a post-apocalyptic survival thriller, it is a dystopian and suspense story fueled by love for the family, people and mankind, but also by deep remorse and repentance. We can feel the author’s personal involvement in love and great care with which he created his characters and wrote probably his best book so far, but also in his goal to ensure that society never ends up there. In a mad world.

Michael Evans is the author with unquestionable talent, potential, vision, and the future. And so are his stories.


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