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Lone Wolf

Too much is going on in my head now to write a standard, comprehensive review. The flood of thoughts and emotions. Which might be a good thing. Because this book hit me like a sledgehammer, and I couldn’t and didn’t want to put it down once I started reading it.

Is it a fight of a sole young man against the strongest dark forces of the world? A boy who lost everything dear and most precious to him on his quest to save the humanity from the darkness descending like a massive dome over the entire world? Is it a story that in the sixth book in the series already spreads through your systems and sets your adrenaline on fire like a lava melting the steep slopes of an ancient volcano? Or an untamable imagination of the young author that breaks every border and discovers new heroes and villains, new dire and challenging situations and intense states of mind? Or is it the sign of the time from the future which doesn’t look so futuristic and impossible in our world today?

Lone Wolf by Michael Evans resonates with every fiber of my being. Learning from his Acknowledgements that this was the last book he was writing as a non-adult person makes it astonishing. What an achievement!

Welcome to the adulthood, Michael, and may all the forces of the universe be with you and your writing.


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