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Legally Blind Luck

From book number one to book number seven, I just love this series! Braxton Campus Mysteries became like a parallel life to me, life I observe through the eyes of a curious and eager reader and a devoted fan.

What I love most about it? The mystery behind at least one murder James J. Cudney throws in front of our feet in each of his books? Check! Intrigue and complexity of relationships that lead to the unexpected discoveries which turn Kellan into a murder detector? Check! Realistic characters with intelligent dialogues spiced with drops of natural humor that make us burst into a spontaneous laughter and chuckle? Check! Or the impressive use of strong words which raises Cudney’s writing above the usual expectations from cozy mystery novels? Check!

A quest for hidden talisman with its deadly curses is in the focus of Legally Blind Luck and the events which lead to a horrific murder and losing a relative. Cozy mystery fans will love the addition of historical and adventure elements. But let’s not forget to appreciate the amazing, unforgettable and epic Nana D and her hilarious dialogues with her brilliant one as we follow Kellan in his new suspenseful investigation.

I can and will never get enough of Jay’s humor. Especially when he throws Nana D and Kellan in their verbal ring. This is where he wins all my sympathies!

“Put your underwear on too tight again? Must cut off the circulation to your brain. Answer my question, please. Are you free to meet her, or is this just useless obstinance, brilliant one?”

“Answer my question, you crafty miniature Elf-on-the-Shelf.”

I blinked my baby blues like a naughty puppy begging for clemency.

What were these madcap women forcing me to do now?

Love it! A new instant Braxton Campus Mysteries success!


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