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Frozen Stiff Drink

I thought life in Braxton without Nana D wouldn’t be so much interesting and entertaining, but James J. Cudney, the author of already six books in the Braxton Campus Mysteries series, proved me wrong. Frozen Stiff Drink is as much entertaining, funny, and capturing even in the hours of her absence, because he smartly used a whole small army of other characters to make us glued to his latest story.

The disappearance of a beloved, witty and cunning mayoress, the series of new mysterious murders, and the barreling winter blizzard are more than excellent reasons to make this literary riddle a successful page-turner. And introducing a new arrogant “villain” who fights with Kellan for the heart of the same darling adds a nice kick and a few extra pinches of love-spice to our reading experience.

Without further ado, James nailed it again, ending Frozen Stiff Drink with a BLAST of the cliffhanger! The wait was worth it!


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