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  • Writer's pictureBernard Jan

A Fiery Apocalypse in Australia

We are witnessing the death of our planet. Or at least its severe destruction. What’s happening in Australia now is something that may happen anywhere else, on any of other continents. Unless we do something and change our living habits.

This is the ugly face of apocalypse that has buried tens of millions of innocent lives in its wrinkles. And devoured and devastated the area the size of some European countries! And it keeps devouring, destroying and taking lives, and animals’ and people’s homes.

It’s time to act now! Prayers won’t put out the fires, but the inhuman efforts of the firefighters and others who are helping them, maybe will. If we help them too.

You can help the firefighters, you can help the wildlife, and you can help those affected by the devastating bushfires.

They all need us. Australia needs us.

Thank you.


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