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My Goodreads Reviews Part 11

This is my last set of five books I’ve reviewed on Goodreads and will post here in 2019! Great authors, interesting books. Hope you find something for your reading pleasure!

Lessons in Love, In the Heart of the Fire, The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder, Fade to Black, The Reckoning

Lessons in Love—what a surprise book! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, and I want to recommend it to every reader who is a sucker for high school love, pretty and popular cheerleaders and hot, handsome and compassionate math teachers. Okay, forget about the math part! Lessons in Love is a good young adult romance book. Treat yourself with a story of an intelligent student who is hiding her true identity and a teacher who unveils her secret.

Nameless is a clairvoyant vigilant who delivers justice to the victims of the small Texas town terrorized by Sheriff Russell Soakes in a short story In the Heart of the Fire from Dean Koontz’s promising new series.

If someone knows how to paint a novel, it’s Sarah J. Harris. Colorful, original, touching.

Even though the story wasn’t as gripping as my beloved The Scattered and the Dead series, I enjoyed McBain’s and Vargus’ writing. There is a certain beauty to it.

The Reckoning is one of the best books by John Grisham I’ve read in the last decade! It is a haunting story of the American WWII hero Pete Banning and his survival of unimaginable horrors of Japanese prison camps, the Bataan death March and guerrilla war in the Philippines, who in cold blood shoots and kills the Reverend Dexter Bell in his Methodist church. When facing the trial and death sentence he only repeats “I have nothing to say,” thus making it impossible for his lawyers to defend him and starting an avalanche of events that will make the lives of his family in their hometown Clanton in Mississippi miserable. It’s a classic enshrouded in a thick veil of mystery that shocks and grips your heart, curiosity and imagination, and doesn’t let you to put it down. Only the praise for this one!

Happy reading!


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