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My Very Best Wishes (with Hopes for a Happier World)

To all my friends, followers, readers, and reviewers. To all of you who got in touch with me in this year and to all of you who will read this.

I wish you all the best for the holidays and many days after. I wish you to spend them with the people you love and who give you their unconditional love; surrounded with warmth, happiness, kindness and with no worry on your mind. Whether you spend them with your family, friends or alone, let them be full of all good things that make this life worth living.

I don’t have big plans for the end of this year. I will work on my book, read books from my huge reading list, spend time at home with my parents and my online friends. I like to keep it quiet, cozy and relaxing, doing things I like best, because books are my addiction. This passion keeps burning inside me no matter what time of day or year. My other passion is spreading kindness and compassion to and for those in need, especially animals. Even in times of celebration and holidays I will keep thinking on them, wishing I can do more for them to ease their misery and suffering. There are days when being a vegan doesn’t seem enough, when I feel I can do and should do more like jump in the catastrophic fires that are devastating Australia and be a protective shield between devouring flames and animals and people losing their lives and homes there. And it’s not only Down Under. It’s like that all over our beautiful planet!

Do you sometimes feel the same? Do you feel bad, frustrated and angry seeing our planet going from bad to worse as it spins madly toward the cataclysm, and those in power to make a change do nothing or ignore it? They have the power, yes, but they are not the only ones. We have the power too, you and me. If we do something on our small personal level, things will move forward. And if others join us, we can do bigger, greater things. We can change the world, I firmly believe that.

So, why not start now, during these holidays? Why not end this year and begin a new year with small acts of kindness? It’s actually very simple. Having a plant-based Christmas dinner or New Year’s party can mean a lot to animals who suffer, and it won’t cost us anything. It will open our windows to the world of new flavors and smells, the best ones being kindness, compassion, and empathy. Those are the flavors I enjoy for 18 years already and they feel so good. The best things I’ve ever tasted! You’d give me a great joy if you tried them too and let me know how you liked them. One thing is certain: they get better with time because the more we taste them the more we heal our planet. It’s the best natural cure our Earth can get from us. And, to be honest, it needs it!

Thank you for spreading love and kindness, thank you for having a big and compassionate heart. Thanks for all good things you will do for others in the last moments of this year and for good things you will continue doing in 2020.

Hopefully, it brings us all many memorable and pleasant moments, happiness, good health, and great books.

Much love and my very best wishes!


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Best wishes from Bernard Jan

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