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My Goodreads Reviews Part 8

My new Goodreads reviews are ready for you! I hope you like the books I’ve read and reviewed for you.

The Scattered and the Dead Book 2, Coffin Road, Swimmer Boy, Lady Justice and the Cat, The Playgirls Book 1: Catch and Release

Like a slow creek into a wild river, the story spills itself from the lazy beginning to the gory and full-crescendo-end. The Scattered and the Dead Book 2 follows the path of earlier books in the series with dignity and consistency. Gripping post-apocalyptic survival read!

Dark mystery. Thrilling story. Wild beauty and danger of Scotland. A memory loss and the search for identity. A lighthouse on the island of mysterious deaths and an unsolved murder. A ruthless agrochemical industry that cares only for profit. And bees. Bees are important. Save the bees to save our species. And life on our planet.

A YA page turner and the first book in the best-selling Fairmont Boys series. Easy to read. Easy to understand. Easy to accept. Except for teenage bullying, hatred and discrimination. Although an entertaining fiction read, books like Swimmer Boy can help us better understand and support and help young victims.

Humorous! Thank you for the laughter, Clarence! 😀😺

A light and fast summer read. A good portray of shallowness of too many young people today.

Happy reading!


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