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Goodreads Reviews Part 7

Five new books for your reading pleasure! Please click the book titles links to see my Goodreads reviews.

Lamentation, The Help, Box of Bones, It’s Now My Time: Coffee, Poetry & The Past (A Memoir In Short Stories & Poetry), How I Sold 80,000 Books: Book Marketing for Authors

A fabulous historical dark novel. Check out why Sansom is such a great writer!

I adored the movie, so I had to read the book. Beautiful, funny, heartwarming. Brilliant! Deserves a big applause.

If you have a fear of being buried alive and if closed, small spaces give you the creeps, Box of Bones will play with your nerves. Jeremy Bates won’t spare you as he brings your nightmare into reality. But you can’t blame him; it is his job to give you the chills and makes your heart pound deafeningly in your head. Especially when he does it so well.

So much loss, tears, tragedy, pain and sadness in this powerful and pure memoir. As life keeps hitting you and death gives you ugly bruises when taking your beloved ones one after another, you cannot do much but dry your eyes, grit your teeth and struggle your way out of the darkness. Toward that one tiny beam of light that promises you hope for the future.

JAnn Bowers did it. Despite all odds, despite hurt and illness, turning herself into a living example of bravery and encouragement.

Packed with useful information and a few inspiring interviews as a bonus.

I would just be careful with some tips about getting your book reviews which might not seem to be completely to Amazon liking.

Happy reading!


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