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They Both Die at the End

What would you do if you got a call telling you you’d die today? You have less than twenty-four hours to say goodbye to everyone you love and decide how you’ll spend your remaining hours, or, maybe even minutes.

They Both Die at the End is an amazing human story about Mateo and Rufus, two teenage boys and total strangers who met through an app to spend their last day together as Last Friends. It is the story that sticks to us like the strongest glue as we watch their relationship develop in a shocking speed toward the final countdown and ultimate end.

Adam Silvera is one of a few authors today who has the knowledge and power to play with our hearts and emotions with the ease of a child playing with its toys. He does it gentle, caring, but he goes all the way until he dries our eyes from tears.

His stories will shake our insides and awake our strongest and deepest feelings and emotions, making us feel so alive. His novel They Both Die at the End is no exception. It is a masterpiece of sadness and glorified humanity.


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