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My Dream Vacation

It’s such a great feeling to be on a vacation again and even more great feeling when it’s your dream vacation.

I don’t hide I like Sweden. I love going there; I love being in Sweden; I love listening to the Swedes talk even though I barely understand a word they are saying.

But just being here with my friends makes it perfect. Relaxing. Awesome. Despite the fickle weather (wind, sun, rain all in one day and changing more than once), lower temperatures because I like it hot rather than cold and being handicapped by not speaking the native tongue.

My friends Tommy and Claire (and their dog Terry whom I baby-sat while their daughter was getting married) make it worthwhile, make it a dream vacation.

As during my earlier visits, I took photos to make my Swedish fairy tale last longer. I’ll let them speak instead of me because it’s still early to make my impressions comprehensible. How to describe beauty when you are at the loss of words?

Luckily, I am not at the loss of images. And memories.


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