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My Goodreads Reviews Part 4

I love reading and I love books. Love them a lot! This is how I reviewed the following five books on Goodreads: The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You, Black Dagger Brotherhood: The Beast, Salt to the Sea, The Whispering Room, Eventus.

The Little Blue Book for Authors: 53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody Is Telling You is the third book by Gisela Hausmann I've had the pleasure of reading. Just like her two other books—NAKED TRUTHS About Getting Book Reviews 2018 and Naked News for Indie Authors How NOT to Invest Your Marketing $$$—this one goes straight to the point, saving our time, money and sparing us the embarrassment (and who knows what else).

Once again Gisela Hausmann uses her experience and expertise to warn indie authors how to avoid costly marketing traps and market their books more effectively and cheaper. A quick read worth of our attention! I applied its advice while still reading this 30-page-long informative book!

Thrilling and emotional as ever! A great series!

Brilliant. Unforgettable. A sad WWII rhapsody of lives lost and love found.

An honorable monument to Wilhelm Gustloff, a German military transport ship, and 9,400 souls who lost their lives in the largest single ship tragedy in history.

This is the book we must read, but the book we will read in one breath. And keep it close to our hearts after the salt of our tears runs to the sea.

Five stars are not enough.

So close to brilliance. If I haven’t fallen in love with Watchers, this book would make me a Dean Koontz die-hard fan! Suspenseful, super-thrilling!

We must read between the lines because the monstrosity that’s going on in The Whispering Room is the same thing happening on a smaller scale in our reality. Our world is going to hell. And one day, soon enough, we might wake up in our same bodies, living our same miserable lives but with our minds controlled and manipulated and subjected to deletion. Unless a hero within us arises and saves the world.

This is Koontz at his best!

What goes around comes around. Seventeen-year-old Evan uses his almost omnipotence for everything he can wish for. For teasing, humiliating and using others to satisfy his perverted mind. Until, one day, he makes a wish too many and cannot undo things anymore. His twisted thought seals his destiny and the fate of the world. Sick, full of pranks and entertaining!

Happy reading!


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