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The Story of Danny at Discounted Price

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Erwin’s eyes refocused on the present. “Helen, the boy in this legend was the first Rain-bow Warrior to walk this planet. We were named after him.”

She watched him bleary-eyed, mindless of where she was or the cup of coffee she held in the grip of her fingers that turned blue.

Then she wistfully smiled at him and said, “I think the legend about Rainbow Warriors is a bit different, but thank you anyway.”

“There are legends and legends, Helen, and this one’s mine. It can be yours too if you want. As long as Rainbow Warriors—no matter from which story, fable or legend—live among us, there is hope for this world. And even for this poor thing we came too late to save. If we believe there’s a rainbow, maybe his death wasn’t as terrible as it looks to us now, or in vain.”

Thank you for caring about animals and saving our planet!


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Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan

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