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Raise Your Voice With Mine for Baby Seals

It is happening.

I didn't harbor any illusions or false hope, though I wished and still do, that the Canadian government would come to its senses and make the right decision—stop subsidizing and put an end to the harp seals slaughter.

On April 9 at 6 a.m. the sealers were permitted to begin this year's hunt. Or the slaughter of the innocent by the hands of fishermen full of guns, hakapiks and hatred, under false pretenses that the seals are eating their fish. If that was true, why not leave their bodies and carcasses to rot on the ice or sink to the bottom of the sea? If this was the reason, why skinning them alive and take their soft pelts and other body parts to sell them on the international market?

Lies. Not a word of truth out of the mouth of those who killed our seas by overfishing and pollution, taking revenge on those whom fish was the only food.

Thankfully, the world is not blind and doesn't believe the sweet talking of the Canadian authorities, nor does it yield to its pressure. The international market is closing. Just as Canada starts its annual seal hunt, India becomes the 36th country to ban the import of commercial seal products after the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, the 28 countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

For tens of thousands of baby seals between three weeks and three months of age this ban will come too late. Their lives will be ended in a violent blood bath and joined the 80,924 harp seal pups which were killed last year alone. Over two million baby seals have been killed in the last ten years.

Please don't be silent. Join me in the public outcry and make a stand for the seals.

Read my book Look for Me Under the Rainbow, leave your honest review and tell the world what you think after its launch at the beginning of next week on April 17.

Thank you.

This is an excerpt from Look for Me Under the Rainbow for you:

On an early, misty morning, a ship arrived and disembarked men. All the seals ran away. All, except the young. Unprotected, unaware of the danger, they innocently waited for human beings to approach. A man lifted a club and struck the fragile little head. One, two, three times. Blood spattered the white fur. No cries, no sound. Silent and quick. And then again. One, two, three dull thuds, blood and death. Still, no cries. Only a blank look of surprise and disappointment. . . . Other human beings approached from the opposite side and took the surviving pups in their arms. But the men armed with harpoons and clubs snatched the pups from them, bashing their skulls. One, two, three. Blows. Blood. Death. More humans came. They took away those trying to protect the pups with their bodies. Putting them on their ship, they towed it away. The remaining men skinned the bodies and loaded the furs in their ship. Leaving behind the less than two week old pups’ corpses, they disappeared into the fog, as suddenly as they arrived.



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Look for Me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan

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