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Bodacious Creed

I must admit I was skeptical when I decided to read a steampunk zombie western novel. I didn't know what to expect. Which turned out to be good because Jonathan Fesmire took me with Bodacious Creed to a journey which I rather liked!

As a teenager I devoured stories about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, and Bodacious Creed proved it that nothing changed! I still like them, I still romanticize that wild, cruel and bloody part of the 19th century American history, in Bodacious Creed mixed with another genre I also like—the stories of zombies!

Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western novel takes place in an alternate universe, history follows a slightly altered course with both fictional and real-life characters blended into an exciting read. If you are a fan of the Wild West and zombies—or even if you are not— give Bodacious Creed a chance because you might become one! Not all walking deads are bad guys!


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