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Postcards From Beyond Reality: The Selected Poems of Michael Daniels

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The Voting Goes On!

When I told you that my book A World Without Color was nominated for the TCK Publishing 2017 Readers Choice Awards I didn't know over 1,000 authors signed up for the contest! That is a huge number! Winning in such a strong competition is like winning a lottery three times instead of one but that doesn't prevent us from taking part in that contest and having fun!

If you think the true story of the last three days I spent with my cat Marcel deserves to compete for this title, vote for it! Those of you who already read it have posted great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (we will talk about those reviews at another time) but now, please, give it your vote too.

Readers have already voted 21,424 times in just the first 2 months for their favorite nominated books and this number will sky-rocket by the end of the voting on December 10. Will your vote be among them as well?

Please follow this link to browse to page 6/16 to the category Memoir and vote for A World Without Color. Thank you!

In another contest, my book cover has passed the first round voting for the 2017 AUTHORSdb Cover Contest and has entered the semi-finals!

Everyone praises A World Without Color cover and has very well accepted it! If you like it, don't wait any longer, please cast your vote here now for the 2017 AUTHORSdb Cover Contest! Thanks!

In the series of attacks on towns and their residents all over the western world, the people of New York City and Manhattan are its last target and victims. My thoughts, support and love go to everyone in my beloved town, especially to those who suffered and lost someone yesterday.

As I said 16 years ago, I say it now again: New York, I love you more than ever!


Cover photo by Zachary Singh; Cover design by Mario Kožar MKM Media

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A World Without Color by Bernard Jan in various contests

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