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Society defines us, whether we bend to its rules, standards, follow the flow and succeed like its darlings, or veer off the wonted course. As outcasts, rebels, and non-fitters, we often define its members as of a cult, a sect within a society where these minorities live by their own rule, will, and decision-making.

Young is one such individual; a brave young man from Kuala Lumpur, who consciously opened the curtains to a harem life and willingly embraced it. In his unique and uncensored memoir A Harem Boy's Saga, he stripped himself naked to those willing to see and read the structure of his musculature—the bones of his thoughts, desires, emotions and carnal pleasures.

Turpitude is the fourth book in a series of seven volumes. Young withholds no secrets as he narrates his tale about his sexual and spiritual adventures with men throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the late 1960s and 70s. Are the stories provocatively shocking? Yes! If you picture a young man's life differently; one who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society via his UK boarding school and be trained to serve in Middle Eastern harems and to pleasure the wealthy and elite.

This book is also honest and worthy of respect because Young is never ashamed of his desires, needs and his unfading love for Andy, his 'Big Brother,' his 'Valet,' guardian and mentor; whom he corresponds presently where they reflect on the events of 45 years ago.

Young's writing is sensual, erotic and sophisticated. Even when he worships the male body and the carnal act, he does that with a gentlemanly approach. Hence his Turpitude experiences do not come across as pornographic or vulgar, but a testimony of a different lifestyle that is vastly different from the social norms which most westerners are not accustomed to. This life is abundantly rich with everything: wealth, colors, smells, philosophy, spirituality, eroticism and of course, sex.

I'm sure Young expects his memoirs to be judged and criticized for his erotic, exotic adventures and experiences at the Assalamu Alaikum (Peace Be with You) Household. This young man soon rose to the rank of an assistant to the sheik's numerous international ventures. This too would be a controversy for die-hard representatives of Orthodox cultures.

Young iterated at the end of the book: For four years, unbeknownst to my family, I was willingly and happily part of a Harem. My story has been kept under wraps for close to 45 years. The correct moment has arrived for me to make known my unique education. In his epilogue, the author wrote: Though these truths are often demonized by contemporary societies that deem such behaviors inappropriate, the author hopes to dispel condemnation and negativity related to sexuality, love, and personal freedom.

My final question would be: Who is pure enough to cast the first stone?


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