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What would you do if your beloved pet suddenly turns into a mortal enemy?! Kill him in the merciless fight of survival or give in to your emotions and serve yourself as a meal to his unquenched hunger and thirst for human flesh and blood?

Savage and brutal, Hounded by Ellie Douglas is a zombie horror novel of unique excellence! A bloody mayhem of gnawed skulls, snapped bones, torn bodies, scattered intestines and ripped extremities is described to a chilling detail. A dried stench of the walls and streets painted in human gore makes you gag on a scary drive through the streets and cities populated by someone's pets-turned-zombies.

This is the dusk of humankind, hounded by dead but very alive dogs and a virus. As we witness the gruesome destruction of one human individual after another, it's hard to feel sympathy for the whole human species. People liked dwarfism for exotic animals to have pet tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes.... But that idea came from the same laboratory as something else with a much higher price and dire consequences.

Even when the most dominate species on the planet becomes the species facing its sudden extinction, humans again showed their ugly face of robbing, scavenging, praying and killing one another. The weak beacon of hope lays in the hands of the few willing to sacrifice themselves for their beloved ones and the general good of complete strangers. Is that so different from our world? When will we learn the big lesson?

The transformation of the beloved dog Pepper into a living dead is remarkable. The end of the book is brilliant. No reason to delay purchasing and reading this gripping horror story!


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