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Janus: The Devil's Election

I don't like politics and I don't trust politicians. When we look back at the centuries-and-centuries-long history of lies, deceptions and broken promises, this shouldn't be a surprise. Common good and national pride are the terms abused for personal gain by often incompetent individuals who should be anywhere else instead of leading countries or ruling our towns. History is their judge. The judge of their actions, turned coats, words spoken too easily behind the flimsy and fake smiles.

Human and animal rights, environmental issues, global warming, world hunger, wars, national, religious, racial and sexual hatred, poverty and health issues, unemployment, refugees, none of this is their concern as long as they can profit from the blind trust of their voters. History is their judge. Of everything they promised and didn't do. Of their lies.

Hard as it is to believe, there is one other group of individuals compared to whom our politicians look naïve and innocent like babies. They are the real puppeteers of our lives who rule from the shadow. To them, people like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are just puppets on the strings, the ways and disposable means of achieving their goals. Loaded with money and supercharged with power, they can have anyone at any cost. Price is not the issue for the invisible throne of the modern slavery reign.

That is what Janus wants when he decides to orchestrate the 2016 United States presidential elections. He uses funding of both Clinton's and Trump's running for the office campaigns for funding his stem-cell substance criminal activities. The FBI-wanted criminal uses both candidates to conquer the country with this genetically modified drug, bringing the national elections to the unexpected and culminating end.

In his fourth novel—and first in the series of political thrillers—Angel Ramon Medina gives us the vision of the world behind the curtain of dirty political games and sick ambition of a handful of individuals filled with hatred and determined to enslave and destroy mankind. In their world no one is too important or irreplaceable to be spared from being injected with the devilish substance, nothing is sacred or too menacing to deter them from their mission. Janus and his compatriots are the reincarnation of pure evil and they turned the US presidential elections into their playground.

One thing that is more frightening than the dead bodies paving the way to the new American presidency is the belief that such evil as Janus exists only in Ramon's head and his novel. To accept such idea as pure fiction is as dangerous as signing a personal death warrant, for the mark of the beast may be stamped on our skin or running through our bloodstream even before we get to realize what is happening.

Stay alert: Janus is still not done with the world.


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