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Thank you for letting me share what I love with you, because there is no greater joy than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.​

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Pre-order Apology Announcement

Yesterday I was so thrilled and excited when I sent a shout-out to my friends and followers on my mailing list because my e-book is (was) finally on pre-order. I am saying was, because the first reply I got from a good friend and supporter was that my book was unavailable for pre-order in the US.

I took a few minutes to process with clarity what she was saying and I contacted Amazon immediately to look into my issue. I expedited three short e-mails (five altogether) to their support team before my world crumbled to pieces.

Later I talked to a friend in Puerto Rico and my book was there unavailable too. Two of my friends from Sweden called me to congratulate me, not knowing what happened in the meantime. Of course, Sweden was also unavailable to pre-order my book and then I accepted that my book is not available for pre-order very likely around the globe, that is anywhere.

The reason is a copyright restriction about which Amazon didn't inform me prior to letting me know my book was ready for pre-order. I didn't know about any restriction when sending my email to my followers, and for that I apologize. My apologies to everyone who I unwillingly put through inconvenience with this glitch.

I still do not know what my sin is. Was there a mistake when filling in information for publishing? That I write and publish under my pen name instead of my real name? I can only guess and will hopefully know soon.

I am saddened this happened with the book which is especially dear to me. The book which describes one of the hardest moments in my life when I was as close to saying goodbye to this world as I was ever before in my life. It taints everything I felt and still feel for my cat. I don't expect everybody to understand the depth of such emotions but most of you will well understand how it feels to be embarrassed in the eyes of the world for something that shouldn't happen in the first place. Because there is no need for that


I do not want to end this blog post in a grim and depressed mood as I was the whole Saturday afternoon and evening. I will end it with the e-mail I sent to my subscribers. Despite everything that followed afterward, I want all of you to read it. Not for me but for that departed creature I still love and miss so much.

My book is still not available for pre-order, but I will let you know when that changes.

Hope you enjoy the reading. Thank you.

A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

Pre-order A World Without Color Now!

I planned it for weeks and it came almost overnight.

My novella A World Without Color is available for pre-order now! This means you can order it for a symbolic price of $1.99 almost one month before its official release date on July 1, 2017!

It was a long and stressful way that lead to this moment, and it started already in 2008 with its original edition in Croatian. But I am glad this happened, I am glad I took this challenge because I learned a lot and pushed my barriers way out of my comfort zone.

The only thing I wish I could change would trade this book for the life of my cat. I wish Marcel was still alive and I didn't have to write our story....

If you want to meet him and get to know him through the pages I wrote, please (pre)order the e-book A World Without Color. Be a part of my world that will keep him alive. Thank you.

"This short book is the deeply-felt and well-written account of the love and interdependence between a man and his companion animal. All those who have had a pet, and there are many of us, know that the time comes when the last kindness we can give them is to ease their journey out of the world. Here, we see the heart-breaking decision and the lonely aftermath sensitively portrayed. Many will recognise these feelings."—Kath Middleton, author and ebook reviewer


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