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The Face of A World Without Color

The time has come to reveal the hidden, to unveil the covered and show what I kept secret.

My first indie book is coming out soon!

Yes, it is true. Finally and at last I can publicly say that, even though I didn't decide about its release date yet. It will be anytime between end of June and beginning of August (or maybe even later or outside that period of time). However, it is time now for me to present you my official book cover.

I love it eternally! I have fallen in love with the photo of my friend cuddling his cat the very moment I saw it on his Twitter feed and I am so happy it now adorns my book. This is the perfect image for my story, my complete opening and revealing of the best and worst days of my life. My deepest emotions and hardest tribulations when I lost my favorite creature and didn't know whether I should carry on living without Marcel or stop with my life a few hours or days after our family veterinarian put him to sleep and took him away from us.

Writing A World Without Color was my way of surviving, a true story I wrote in three days while memories, scars and wounds were still fresh and burning. This story I had to tell, I had no option, I couldn't do it otherwise and bury it in me. Soon it will be in front of you should you wish to read it.

Many people worked on this with me and I will say a few words about them in my future blog posts. But since I am showing you its beautiful face here, its cover which warms my heart and gives my life a certain sense of completion of something very important and dear, I will mention two people, two names only: Zachary Singh and Mario Kožar.

Zach Singh, my buddy from New York and Columbus, Ohio is a nice and talented young photographer who loves cats as much as I do - if not even more - and was so kind and ready to provide me this photo for my book cover when I came with my proposal about this project to him (I can never thank you enough, Zach!).

Mario Kožar from MKM Media is my designer who lives on the relation Rome-Zagreb and he gave my book such a sparkling and professional shine. Thank you, Mario, for having so much patience with me and understanding for all my demands for promotional ads I will be posting in days and weeks and months to come.

I only hope my readers will like at least half as much what I wrote as I like what you both did to give such a beautiful new life to my story. With this cover you gave a face to its soul.

I’d ask everyone who is reading this to please be so kind and generous and give your vote of confidence to Zach and Mario if you like their creation. Later you will judge me and my writing, but now I ask you to follow, like, retweet and share them because their talent deserves that.

Always share what you love with those who appreciate it because there is no greater joy than that.

Thank you!


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A World Without Color by Bernard Jan

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