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The Grid: Fall of Justice

The Grid by Paul Teague is a good example why dystopian literature is at the moment my favorite genre! The Grid 1: Fall of Justice is the first book in The Grid Trilogy and it instantly captured my attention as it was the case with its predecessors: the unforgettable Silo (Wool-Shift-Dust) series, Station Eleven, The Hunger Games trilogy, The Maze Runner series or the Divergent trilogy.

They say it is impossible to survive The Grid. It is the one, only and ultimate way to get justice once you end up among thousands of lawbreakers and detainees confined in the cages of The Soak, a vast and nightmarish underground prison located under a river.

A massive concrete wall separates hundreds of thousands of the privileged ones on Silk Road from almost four million poor residents of The Climbs, who live there in miserable and inhumane conditions with no elevators and with crumbling stairs, after the plague devastated their world many years ago, leaving billions of people dead in its wake.

Their city is the only refuge. But the refuge is where minority flourishes at the expense of many many others, where justice systems is corrupted and full of deceptions and lies, and where the will of the authorities is more important than practically non-existent human rights.

In this world Joe Parsons is trying to find the truth about the death of his suddenly disappeared father. He breaks into the Fortrillium network but before he gets the chance to avenge him, he and a few of his friends find themselves thrown into the The Grid. They are all facing a series of terrified justice challenges in the Gridder Games and only one person has ever survived so far.

The Grid 1: Fall of Justice is a post plague dystopian story. It excellently stages the faith of our society already plagued by the symptoms of greed, inhumanity and fabricated truth, which might lead to life of a few (un)lucky surviving hundreds of thousands, or even millions, in The City of our future while the rest of us will be gone.

Can't wait to read Quest For Vengeance and Catharsis, Part 2 and Part 3 of this very promising trilogy!


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