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  • Writer's pictureBernard Jan

In Between Places

Are you familiar with that feeling when you are not sure where you belong, where you are? You are here, in your comfort zone, doing your regular stuff on a daily basis, but you are absent and detached from what you are doing, even people around you?

Oh yes, something's not completely right, something's going to happen. The food doesn't smell and taste as before, work is something you are doing because it has to be done but you are not in any other way involved in it, too much sex or no sex at all has a very little or no importance to you while people you love and cannot imagine living without annoy and distract you.

From your master plan. And preparations. For your VACAY!

The list of things you carry along is done, checked! Somehow you are surprised that the gifts you are taking with you are almost ¼ of your whole baggage. No need to worry, though. The trip back home will be that much lighter! (You only wish!)

You are frantically flying through the last remaining pages of the book you are reading in your attempt to finish it before you leave your home, because who wants to continue reading it after two weeks in a paradise?? Soon to be finished, therefore checked!

You are checking your newly-edited manuscript and you know that you will have to take it with you because it is just too much of it to finish it before the take off. At least you know that you will have an intellectual component incorporated into your vacation instead of only relaxing, eating, walking a dog, watching the Netflix movies, walking around the lakes, shopping, taking pictures, sleeping, teasing your friends, reading more than one e-book stored both in your laptop and a smartphone, just in case and for good measure.

So how to survive the remaining five days before your plane takes off? Beats me! I am already somewhere in between places. Finishing things I think I ought to finish while I am still here, feeding and nurturing my body so it survives the inevitable excitement before it follows my mind which is already vacationing in distant, beautifully green and refreshingly smelling Sweden.


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