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Okrutno ljeto on

My latest novel, Okrutno ljeto (English title Cruel Summer), published in Croatian in 2014 is now on!

If you speak Croatian, or are curious to learn it, please check out:

“Majko, znam da me ne možeš čuti, ali moram s tobom razgovarati.”

“Moram s nekim razgovarati. S bilo kim. O stvarima koje ne bih nikad izgovorio da si živa. O stvarima za koje ne bih želio da znaš jer bi te povrijedile. Ovako ću ih ja izgovoriti, a ti ih nećeš čuti. Ovako će mi biti mnogo lakše da ti se izjadam . . . ”

“Mama, nisam sretan. Ništa nije dobro otkako si otišla. Tražim se i gubim u svijetu koji ne razumijem. Toliko toga prezirem, a tako je malo stvari zbog kojih vrijedi živjeti. I podnositi patnju. Tako malo.”

For those of you who do not speak Croatian, here is the link to another excerpt from my young adult adventure/mystery novel Cruel Summer in English, so make sure you read it! Would love to hear your comments!

Thank you!


The vision of his mother is slowly disappearing, devoured by the cold marble.

The world is standing at its end. Or is it the beginning of something new?

The Hope is dead. What will bring the dawning of a new day? At the end of the millennium.

“Mother,” Michael dreamily says.

One word. One sigh.

A warm wisp of air swallowed by haze. And grayness.

Okrutno ljeto by Bernard Jan book cover
Okrutno ljeto by Bernard Jan cover

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