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  • Writer's pictureBernard Jan

100: You Surround Me

When I created my profile on LinkedIn my main goal and priority was to show myself, as well as, to come out of my hiding place and to let the world know I exist. My second goal was to build my network of friends mainly for promoting my web page, which would consequently help my books.

Two months later I realized LinkedIn is so much more. By connecting with my present and old lost friends and finding new people from all shades and colors of lifestyles with amazing profiles, I set in front myself one more goal: I will surround myself with positive things.

My first hundred-and-a-few people/friends/colleagues/collaborators come from various parts of the world and different environment, have diverse backgrounds and and they all strive to give their best and excel in what they do. They are intelligent, ambitious, successful, perspective, dedicated, beautiful people who have already achieved a lot, or are still marching on their way to success – wherever and in whatever form it may be. But they also have a heart for the cause, a feeling for a greater good, because one cannot be happy if one lives in an unhappy and sad world.

It is so encouraging and uplifting to see that there is still hope for us, that there are so many hearts scattered all over the planet who beat not only to keep themselves alive but also to offer and give a helping hand or be the voice to our silent fellow beings and creatures. This warms my heart and waters my eyes. It cherishes gratitude in my soul and makes me say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Truly, it is nice to be a part of this small universe we are building here, the realm beyond everyday bad news, disasters, suffering and death, which fuels our minds and veins with the new strength and clean and fresh juices of life so we can remain strong and vigil in order to seize our future and stand for our causes. We can do so much if we recognize the power that lies within our reach, the power that can heal the world and cure our sick cells as long as we stay connected and friends to each others.

I am grateful for your friendship and I am grateful for the positive attitudes that surround me.


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