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Tom's Music Place

I am Bernard Jan.


If you looked for me and searched my name, then you came to the right 

place. If you were directed here by accident, don't make another Internet 

accident and back away immediately. Bear with me a little bit longer because
I enjoy your company. Who knows, maybe you might enjoy reading my 

pages, too—especially since there is not too much to read here—ha-ha; a lot 

more is treasured in my literary artwork!


Yeah, I dare say artwork because creating something out of nothing requires 

certain skills. And if someone by some miracle or his or her own skills of 

recognizing valuable things likes what you've composed in words, sentences,pages, chapters, books..., then you can say that you have achieved 

something. You created art.

I invite and welcome all of you to read my pages and see for yourself 

whether it is worth it or not to spend some time with me, for everything I 

write, I write it for you. 


I have had a privilege of creating new worlds and characters, and I have 

enjoyed it tremendously. But I know for the fact that there is no greater joy 

than to share what you love with those who appreciate it.


Hopefully, that will be you.


It is not a secret: I am seeking literary agents who will represent my work in English. You are more than welcome to get in touch with me, unless I get to write to you first. Thank you!

For those curious ones, I am currently residing in Zagreb, Croatia, but not 

that it matters much. My mind is everywhere while my heart is... well, that is 

yet another story.

My work published in English


A World Without Color

Look for Me Under the Rainbow


January River

My unpublished work translated into English


Cruel Summer

Collected Poems 

Postcards from Beyond Reality—Michael Daniels's Selected Poems (written under the pen name of Michael Daniels)

My work published in Croatian


Okrutno ljeto

January River

Priča o Luki

Svjetla umirućega grada

Anđeo moga rata


Svijet bez boja

Potraži me ispod duge

Collected Poems 

Razglednice s one strane stvarnosti—Odabrane pjesme Michaela Danielsa (written under the pen name of Michael Daniels)


Razotkrivanje: Moj svijet (skraćena verzija)

Zločin i kazna: ubijanje životinja i zakonodavstvo u Hrvatskoj, text published in the book Kulturni bestijarij by Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku—Hrvatska sveučilišna naklada and other various articles written for the Croatian biweekly magazine for social and cultural events "Zarez" and Animal Friends Croatia
Vječna Treblinka: Naše postupanje prema životinjama i holokaust, translation of the book Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust by Charles Patterson published by Genesis and Animal Friends Croatia
Liječnici protiv pokusa na životinjama, edited brochure against animal experiments published by Vegan and Animal Friends Croatia


To be continued? Hopefully! :)

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